NHSS 12D M6 Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO) Training

National Highway Sector Scheme 12D for installing and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads.

Target audience

NHSS 12D M6 is for all Registered Traffic Management Operatives (RTMO) as described in Sector Scheme Document 12D who wish to become a Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO).

The learner must have achieved 12D M2 status before undertaking the T6 training course.

On completion, learners will be deemed competent to oversee M1/M2 work situations and other works situations where they have achieved competency (i.e. M3 to M5).

Important note: The T6 training course CANNOT be used to renew an EXPIRED M1/M2 skills registration as to undertake T6 training or to retain M6 status, the operative MUST maintain their M2 status (an in date M2 skills registration card).

Refresher Course – Due to changes in the Code of Practice it is necessary to successfully complete the revised (full) T6 training course to demonstrate up to date knowledge of new requirements. On site assessments are not required for refresher training.