NHSS 12D M5 Multi-Phase Traffic Signals

National Highway Sector Scheme 12D for installing and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads.

Target audience

12D M5 is for all Registered Traffic Management Operatives (RTMO) as described in Sector Scheme Document 12D who wish to add this category to their 12D card.

To become a registered 12D M5 Operative, the learner must have completed a NHSS 12D T1/T2 training course and either be in the process of being registered as a 12D M2 Operative or already be a registered 12D M2 Operative prior to applying for registration.

Following completion of the 12D T5 training course the learner will need to undertake a set of on and off site assessments as prescribed in the Sector Scheme Document to obtain the category. The assessments must be completed within a two year period starting from the date of passing the training.

Each learner must be assessed individually – “whilst undertaking traffic management operations, including assessment of capability, unregistered Traffic Management Operatives shall at all times be supervised by an
appropriately registered Traffic Management Operative on a one to one basis” – NHSS 12D Sector Schemes Document, page 22, 6.2.1(i). Minimum competency requirements for gang sizes are shown on page 23 of the document – these must be maintained whilst assessments are being carried out.