Lantra – Lantra Awards Traffic Management for Community Events (TMCE)

The police will no longer take responsibility for traffic management at pre-planned events unless they are of national significance or are a potential risk to public safety. This training course has been developed to provide event organisers with the knowledge required to create a Traffic Management Plan and an understanding of issues affecting traffic, pedestrian and event staff safety.

Target audience

This training is aimed at event organisers or individuals that have responsibility for Traffic Management of organised events working in conjunction with local Highway Authority, the Police and other authorities and persons as appropriate. The course would also benefit Highway Authority staff involved in the organisation or approval of community events.

This course is intended for Event Stewards, whose duties may include, guiding vehicles, maintaining emergency routes, erecting signs and notices, dealing with pedestrian control etc.

The course is not intended for Traffic Marshalls who are appointed by and accredited by the Police to deal with more complex traffic management issues at major events.