Independent Site Auditing

At City TM Services Ltd we can facilitate a number of specific audits. These will ensure any Non Conformances are highlighted ensuring office and site staff alike are robustly following your Quality systems. We can undertake office based audits whereby we will check all documentation is being produced correctly to go to site. We will then review all RAMS and any site-specific drawings and locations have been assessed correctly, and that the correct staff ratios are being adhered to for deployment. This can also be checked retrospectively for previous sites.

Once on site we will then check all aspects of the site to include :-

  • Gang compliance
  • Safe site behaviour
  • Signing requirements
  • Site change documentation
  • Sign compliance
  • Vehicle compliance
  • Safety compliance

We photo and we also video document the audit while on site and follow that process through with the site staff/supervisor to a full corrective action procedure that we can work through and document for your Quality systems. This can then also be used to toolbox talk your staff so that Safety and Quality comes as standard, every day, at every point.