High Speed Traffic Management

City Traffic Management Ltd have the expertise and knowledge to deliver any type of lane closure, Narrow Lane scheme or Contraflow on the Strategic Road Network in the U.K.

Utilising our fleet of specially designed vehicles we are recognised within the Industry as an experienced company to work on these type of roads. With good working relationships with all stakeholders on the SRN we can provide you with the safety and quality you would expect while working in one of the most dangerous environments. All our work is delivered to the highest specification and in full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our teams are trained to the highest standards available to our Industry and undergo regular audits to ensure they stay compliant. Regular toolbox talks, periodic refresher training, regular medicals and Bi-Annual competence checks are just a few of the initiatives we have introduced over the last few years to ensure our Installation teams are the best of the best. 

Our Senior Leadership Team have representation on several action groups, and stay up to date on all Industry working groups to ensure our compliance with all relevant safety initiatives that are Implemented by Highways England.

Our workforce are guaranteed to be Lantra compliant to Sector Scheme 12A/B on High Speed roads, and our group capabilities give us an Internal Lantra approved training school at our disposal, thus ensuring full compliance at all times, irrespective of cost or availability.

It is our desire to offer our clients a professional, compliant job to the highest possible standard every time we leave our premises. We employ the highest qualified personnel to deliver this promise, utilising state of the art systems, the newest technology available and the highest standard of equipment and fleet vehicles available to us. We invest heavily in delivering these promises so that we are still doing this long in to the future, helping us to build a sustainable business model for years to come.

If you would like to talk to us about your requirements then please give us a call or get in touch for one of our experienced members of staff to give you a call.