Emergency Traffic Management (ETM)

Emergency Traffic Management is probably one of the most dangerous jobs within our Industry at present, yet amazingly there wasn’t any specific training course or assessments that were industry recognised for this very specific task. City TM Services Ltd, along with Lantra awards, have gone above and beyond Traffic Management training and designed a course that meets the expectations of EMERGENCY Traffic Management.

Emergency Traffic ManagementThe Emergency Traffic Management (E.T.M) course is our newest course to be brought to the Industry. With the help of some leading Highway maintenance personnel, we have designed and developed a training course that looks specifically at Emergency Traffic Management. This course has been designed with Emergency response teams in mind such as Traffic Officers, Incident Support Teams, Maintenance Response Teams, Emergency Response Teams and anybody that has a quick response time to Incidents on all types of roads in the U.K.

We have designed a course that lasts one day, which is then followed by an end of course multi choice test. This will ensure all units of the course have been understood by each learner, which proves knowledge of the subject. A centre Based Assessment then follows this and then two further assessments to capture the learners ability to install E.T.M over a period of time, proving their competency to undertake E.T.M. Each of these assessments is then recorded in a logbook, which is verified upon completion, and a skills card is applied for on behalf of each learner.

Emergency Traffic ManagementThe E.T.M course is certificated and verified by Lantra Awards, who are the industry leading awarding body. This course is also the only Emergency Traffic Management course to be recognised within the industry by some of the leading Highways Term Maintenance Contractors. The E.T.M course is already being delivered within Areas 4 and 5 of the Highways England network, and we are in talks with many major contract groups about delivering this course Nationwide, bringing some long awaited proof of competency across the whole of the U.K for the Emergency Traffic Management workforce.

If you would like some additional information, give us a call to discuss your E.T.M requirements with our experienced Emergency Traffic Management training manager.